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Hi There!


I am Larissa Aparecida Smith.


I am a party planner, marketer, and designer with big dreams. Obsessed with: chocolate, makeup, and pajamas. I’ve been making dreams to come true since 2016. Read on for the rest!

I didn’t always have this business: the clients, the parties, the bookings…in fact, just a few years ago you could have found me very exhausted working from 9-5 then going to college at night and spending my weekends studying English. That life was all with a purpose to fulfill a dream. 

At the age of 21, living in a small city in Brazil. I decided to invest in my dream to come to the United States. I went to a travel agency to apply for an exchange program and I finance that program for a 12-month payment. Little did I know, that this exchange program would be my one-way ticket to my new home. This investment led me to know new people and new places that I have never dreamed of before. In this process, I met the love of my life and we started a family. It led me to start a business from ground zero in a new country. Once our first son was born, I could not think about the idea of leaving him alone to work at a job that I didn’t enjoy. 

I know I had to do something about it and also be able to provide for my family. So, one day I got home and I told my husband I was done working at my 9-5 Job. I didn't plan to feel this way, I didn't plan to hate my job after our child was born. I just knew something had to change. At that point, I had been working since I was 15 years old. I didn't know what staying home would look like. So, I did it. I started from zero. I thought a lot about going back to school and one day talking to my husband he asked me: "Why don't you start a business? Do something that you love and you will succeed" He said. I had no idea how to start a business or what to start. But he said: "It is easy, you can figure it out," I thought a lot about that conversation and so another dream started to sparkle. Have my own business was my new dream. I was happily married and loving to be a mom, but I wanted more. I wanted to do something more for my family and for myself. 


For a couple of weeks, I kept thinking about that. I would rock my son to go to bed and think about the one thing I could do that I loved. I thought about it very precisely and I searched for tons of information about how to start a business. With my background in sales and advertisement I had a hunger for creation, I loved kids and I loved working with people. I started to think about the things I was good at and what people liked about me. I loved holidays, parties of any size and type, I loved helping my friends and family to celebrate little and big things. That's why they always called me to help them out. So, searching deeper into event planning here in Ohio I found a niche, something that was missing, something I had experience with and that would be so wonderful to bring to the US. I wanted to create fancy and beautiful personalized decorations. In Brazil, every party looks like a magical celebration. I wanted to bring the uniqueness we had there, that is when the first idea of starting an event planning business started. After a couple of adjustments Perfect Events was created and we started to offer personalized and magical parties for children, and now also perfect weddings. 


 Ya wanna know what lights me up?  Making people feel happy, bring magical memories to the comfort of your home or venue. Give you the stress-free you so deserve. Being a parent can be so hard and challenging sometimes, that I love being able to make your life easier. That special moment cannot be forgotten just because you were tired, or your life was so busy that you forgot about it, or because you ran out of ideas or time to plan. We are here to make dreams come true and I need you to let me be part of it. We will bring everything to you so you and your family can enjoy magical moments that will last a lifetime. When you look at me with a smile on your face and tell me that your party was perfect…I will consider my job done. See you soon!






Larissa Aparecida Smith