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Sleepover Themes

We offer a variety of themes for boys, girls, and adults. Just simply scroll down and pick the one that you like the most. You can pick any theme to go with any of the packages we have. The only thing that changes is the number of items and decoration you will get, based on the package that you pick: Experience, Ultimate or Perfect Dream. Check packages here.

Sweet Dreams


Our first and most popular package is a SWEET DREAM!

If you have a girly girl, she will definitely enjoy this magical pink set up.

Predominant colors: Different shades of pink. 

Special Ultimate items: Doll tent, big teddy bear, LED candles by birthday girl tent. 


This is our most famous package!

Very cozy and mature for any age. 

Predominant colors: Green, teal, gold, and white. (no purple in this package*)

Magic Unicorn

"Being a human is too Complicated...time to be a Unicorn". 

This package will blow your mind with so many details and accessories.

Predominant Colors: Pink, Purple, Rainbow, White, Teal and more

Ultimate Special items: Stuffed Unicorn, special pillows. white rug.

Sleepy Unicorn


Our unicorns are ready for bed...time to have fun and fall asleep with this cozy set up.

Lace tents with delicate touches. Predominant Colors: White, light pink, Gold, Pastels. 

Teepee Nite

Fortnite is the game of the season, so we had to come up with this awesome themed sleepover so all the Fortnite lovers can enjoy a nite of game, sleep, Fortnite repeat!

Predominant Colors: Blue, black, white, dark purple and green.

Special Ultimate Items: Llama, LED lights, Ballon drop boxes, Game time sign.

Game on

Minecraft lovers can now have a fun themed sleepover night with friends.

Play a video game while cozy in your tents. 

Predominant Colors: Green, White, and Gray

Special Ultimate items: Stuffed animals.


Feel like a fairy on our magical fairyland. 

Predominant Colors: Purple White and Green

Special Ultimate Items: Fairy Tutus and Wings, side tables.

Tropical Paradise

Who doesn't love a Tropical Paradise?

We will make you feel like you are on a tropical island with lots of colorful decors,

flamingos, pineapples and why not cactus?

Predominant Colors: Peach, green, white and light shades of pink.

Special Ultimate Items: Flamingos, cactus lights and pineapple lights.

Mermaids love a Sleepover! Especially after a long day of swimming and playing with friends. Why not extend the night with a fun Mermaid Themed Sleepover?

Predominant Colors: Purple, Teal, Green, 

Special Ultimate Items: Mermaid dolls, balloons, Sea Lights.


Welcome to the Winter Wonderland. Would you like to have a snowball fight inside your house? With this package, you can!

Predominant colors: White, light pink and gold.

Special Ultimate items: Tree, sign, snowman.

LOL Dolls

The LOL's are adorable and so many people love them.

This package if for all the LOL doll lovers, plus the pink theme is so magical!

Predominant Colors: Pink and white.

Ultimate Special Items: LOL letter ballon, Stuffed dolls. 

Glow in The Dark

Nothing more fun than a glow in the dark party with fun neon pillows and black lights. Predominant Colors: Neon colors, colorful pillows, Black.

Special Ultimate Items: Glow in the dark balloons, Glow in the dark items.

Camping Experience

Our camping experience if for the explorers and wild kids that love an adventure! Nothing better than glamping in your home and having fun!

Predominant Colors: Green, Black, Red.

Special Ultimate Items: Fire set, signs, pillows. 

No Sleep in the City 

Do you love the lights of the city or are you from a big city and want to celebrate it with lights and skyscraping? We got you covered.   Predominant Colors: Black and White

No Drama LLAMA

This theme is perfect for NO DRAMA.   

Predominant Colors: White, pink and blue


Do you love spooky stories and wicked nights? This theme is perfect for Halloween or for a fun time with friends!.   

Predominant Colors: Black, silver, neon. 

GAME Master 

You can mix and match any game decor you want on this package. Roblox, Minecraft, Fortnite or more. Because there is no game that you don't master or just because you like to have a game night with friends, this is your theme. Predominant Colors: Red, Black, White, Green


It is the most wonderful time of the year! This Magical season could not be more magical than with those teepees.   

Predominant Colors: Red and Green

Customize parties

Do you want to have an ultimate special, but would like to change some of the fun additions? That is no problem! We can customize your wishes and make them come true! We can also customized party packages, sleepovers and more. We offer party planning services and my passion is to create fun and unforgettable events! Contact us here.